What size should i order?

Here at ShopBlackRoses we strive to provide you with the most unique streetwear items on the market that can only be found through us. As a result of that we carry various different items from different vendors/manufacturers, and many of these items are made with various materials. It is recommended that your order 1-2 sizes above what you would normally wear in that style of item to ensure satisfaction with your parcel. If you are having any trouble deciding on what size to order, PLEASE feel free to email us at Support@shopblackroses.com for a quick response or simply send us a message via the contact center page. 

How long will my item take to ship?

Shipping times will vary depending on where you are located, our standard shipping times vary any where from 10-20 days. This is usually due to processing times, not the actual travel time of your parcel. 

How can i track my order?

When you receive a shipment notification via SMS or EMAIL for your order we provide you with a tracking number. As soon as your order is done processing you can use the tracking number we've sent to you and paste it into the Shipping/Tracking page right on our website. Or simply click onto the number. If you are having any trouble tracking your items PLEASE feel free to send us an email via Support@shopblackroses.com for a quick response and we will gladly help provide you with any available updates regarding your order. 

Why did my items come in separate packages?

When you order multiple items through ShopBlackRoses you may receive your items separately. Most of the time this is to save our customers from the burden of high custom/duty fees. As we stated above, in order to supply you with the range of items we carry we are being supplied from different Vendors/Manufacturers in 3 separate locations. When we ship your items out in separate packages you are always supplied with multiple tracking numbers. If you have any concerns with our order or tracking as always feel free to send us an email to Support@shopblackroses.com 

Where do you ship to?

We are working on expanding our shipping regions to world-wide but as of right now we currently ship to the following Countries. 
1. U.S.A 
4. U.K.

If i live out of the U.S. do i have to pay extra shipping fee's ?

No! Any extra shipping costs for out of country orders are on us!! Our standard shipping rate of 5.99 is applicable to all of our designated shipping zones! 

How can i become a model/ rep for BLACKROSES?

We've been getting an overwhelming amount of requests to rep/model our products. This is AWESOME! we are always looking to connect with new, and creative people. We encourage you to get our attention! Join the BLACKROSES community on our social media pages @ShopBlackRoses and use the hashtag #ShopBlackRoses tag us with your content/ideas! P.S. we love seeing our customers rocking their items! feel free to share pictures of your items on social media and we will feature you on our pages!!